Burlingame, California

Contact Information

Company Name Phone Number
AT&T 611
Burlingame Police Non-Emergency Line (650) 777-4100
Burlingame Police Emergency Dispatch (650) 692-0311 or 911
Caltrans Foster City (650) 358-4127
Central County Fire Main Office Line (650) 558-7600
Central County Fire Emergency Dispatch (650) 692-0313
Corporation Yard Main Office Line (650) 558-7670
Corporation Yard After Hours (650) 692-0604
Corporation Yard Fax Line (650) 696-1598
Engineering Division Main Office (650) 558-7230
Engineering Division Fax Line (650) 685-9310
Peninsula Humane Society, Dead Animal Reporting Line (650) 340-7022 ext. 603
PG&E Main Line 1(800) 743-5000
PG&E 24-Hour Power Outage Information Center 1(800) 743-5002
San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District (650) 344-8592
San Mateo County Public Works (650) 363-4100
San Mateo County Roads Division (650) 363-4104
Veolia (Wastewater Treatment Facility) (650) 342-3727

Burlingame Organizational Compass


Community Service

Community service that is responsive to and meets the needs of the public by:
  • Being dedicated to the community we serve
  • Involving and understanding our community
  • Anticipating and adapting to the changing needs of our citizens

Ethical Organization

Ethical organization that interacts with the public and each other in an honest and professional manner by:
  • Treating people with respect and dignity
  • Taking responsibility for our decisions, statements and actions to the organization and community
  • Dealing with differences and conflicts in a professional, respectful and authentic fashion

One Organization

One organization that fosters positive relationships and teamwork by:
  • Being part of the solution
  • Crating and maintaining constructive relationships while respecting individual contributions
  • Focusing on the issues and needs of the organization and community
  • Encouraging behavior that builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Emphasizing self-initiative, sonstant improvement and employee involvement

Positive Leadership

Positive leadership that is nurturing and forward-thinking by:
  • Recognizing the leadership role all employees play in the community
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity
  • Leading by example
  • Being supportive, humanistic and compassionate